FedEx is a shipping service, available in more than 220 countries all around the world. It receives and delivers packages, varying in weight and material. Most people regard it as a convenient source of having their items delivered while others have negative reviews of how the products are handled or delivered.


fedex planeThere are all sorts of reviews for their services, some are unable to get their package on time while others are unhappy about the package handling. Some are satisfied with the delivery while others complain about poor customer service.

According to reviews on ‘Consumer Affairs’, only two people gave it 5 stars out of 433.

The latest review from Detroit, on Oct 2016, states that, they were suppose to receive their package that day but when they inquired, they were told that it got misplaced. This clearly gives out a negative vibe and poor customer service.

Another customer, Vera from Houston, remarks that the customer service that she received was not pleasant at all and she was highly unsatisfied with their behavior.

One more consumer, Tasha, said that the shipment was due to come the next day and the package was said to be delivered but it never came.

Another customer was displeased with the attitude of the customer service at FedEx, and regarded the service agent as ‘rude and unprofessional’, from OT.

fedexAll in all it can be concluded that most people were negative due to the late delivery or no delivery at all! These are people from all around USA and their reviews are mostly recent. They complain that either the package was left outside or the package would be damaged or it would not be delivered at all.

The TrustPilot reviews had a total of 1156 reviews on FedEx services and they rated it 3.5 out of 10, with only 26% of people giving it 5 stars.

Here on one hand, people were satisfied with the quick service while others still complain about the time they take for delivery or at what time it will arrive and would sometimes damage the product.

A few customers like Satu Siimes and Annwyl Williams were satisfied because of its good customer service and praised its on time delivery, but the negative feedbacks were overwhelming and complained how they were not able to get their package in a good condition or how the customer service personnel didn’t answer back when the parcel was misplaced.

With all these mixed reviews, it is hard to conclude if this courier service is actually good or bad. Personally, I had my package delivered a bit late than the delivery date they mentioned, but the package arrived in perfect condition all the way from Pakistan.

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