Cons and Pros of the RDA Vape

The Different Pros And Cons Of The Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer

Despite the health warnings being clearly displayed on a carton of cigarettes, people will continue to smoke. The reason for this is that smoking cigarette provides a sense of relief from feelings of anxiety. Many people who began smoking at a young age find themselves addicted to the act making it difficult to break the habit. Fortunately, there is a method to continue the behavior without risking one’s health or the health of others through second-hand smoke. This is known as vaping.

Vaping is a form of smoking; however, the person smokes an electronic cigarette in place of a tobacco cigarette. The tobacco in the e-cigarette is substituted by a liquid, which is then vaporized using the electronic cigarette device. This is why the act is known as ‘vaping’. One of the components involved in this process is an atomizer and this article will discuss the pros and cons of a rebuildable dripper atomizer.

rda vape

What Is A Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer?

The rebuildable atomizer is a unique type of atomizer that is connected to the different components of the e-cigarette. One type of rebuildable atomizer is known as the rebuildable dripper atomizer or RDA. It is unique in that it does not require a reservoir to store the liquid, but will rather drip the liquid directly onto the coil component. The average RDA will drip approximately six hits before one will need to add more liquid.

What Are The Advantages Of A Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer?

• More Vapor Production

The first advantage to using an RDA is that this item will produce more vapor clouds than other types of atomizers. Furthermore, the degree of reliability regarding vape production is higher when compared to other e-cigarette products available.

• Large Vape Clouds

Rebuildable Dripper AtomizerIn addition to producing more vape clouds regularly, it should be mentioned that the RDA will offer larger vape clouds than other atomizers. The sizes will differ, but they are generally much larger than a traditional atomizer.

• More Versatile

Reliability is one beneficial feature, but the RDA is also highly versatile in its vape production. The versatility allows for a plethora of liquid combinations and options. This results in different experiences that cannot always be gained with traditional atomizers.

• Increased Durability

The rebuildable dripper atomizer is typically created using high-quality materials making it more durable than the average e-cigarette. The most common material used is stainless steel.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer?

Unfortunately, the RDA does present with several cons in addition to pros. They are listed below.

• Upfront Cost

One of the greatest disadvantages to using an RDA is the upfront cost. This can be a turn-off for many individuals, particularly if they are not familiar with building atomizers. The cost can be expensive; however, it is worthwhile to consider cost in comparison to features. In many cases, an RDA is a positive long-term investment.

• Ongoing Cost

Sadly, the RDA does present with the ongoing cost beyond purchasing e-cigarette liquid. Furthermore, the ongoing costs can be quite expensive as there are various parts that will need to be replaced regularly. This will include seals, coils and the wick.

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