Pax 3 Vaporizer Review 2016

Pax 3 review – Pax 3 is the highly advanced herbal vaporizer that features improve heating times without compromising of the quality of vapor production. It features a modern and elegant design with strong construction. PAX 3 is an enhancement of the former PAX 2. The new PAX 3 is smoother, smarter and more efficient compared to PAX 2. The modern aluminum exterior of the vaporizer makes it appealing. It features an app that controls features and activates operation modes. This brief overview looks into the features, advantages and shortcomings of PAX 3.

The Firefly 2 is the biggest adversary of the Pax. Read more in Firefly 2 reviews.

Pax 3 Review – Main Features

· pax 3 vape rose goldDesign- Pax 3 features a compact design that can fit in one’s hand. It comes in a shiny polished aluminum finish that is spectacular. A spot for a raised or flat mouthpiece is located on one end of the vaporizer. On the other end, there is a magnetic lid which holds all materials in the bowl. The new PAX 3 features an oven lids with an extended protrusion for large amounts of vapor.

· Controls- PAX 3 utilizes an accelerometer as well as one button for all controls featuring rgb led readout at the front. You can click the button one to turn PAX on or off. Holding down the button opens temperature settings. You can access operating modes by rolling PAX.

· vaping pax 3Heating- The devices utilizes conductive heating just like its former models. Unlike other portable vaporizers’ PAX 3 has a heating element that warms up the walls of an oven enabling your breath to pull vapor out of the chamber. There is a significant improvement in heating time of the new PAX 3 compared to PAX 2. Due to the inclusion of pre-loaded CO2 cartridges, the device can reach vamping temperatures in a matter of 10 or fewer seconds.

· Efficient tuned puff- Unlike former model which produced fat clouds of vapor during smoking, PAX 3 produces efficient tuned puff. The taste is also improved as vapor is allowed enough space to cool down without losing its flavor. Read more.


· It heats quickly and efficiently in just 10-15 seconds

· Lip sensing technology

· 10 years warranty

· It has many advanced features and controls

· Modern stylish design

· It produces efficient tuned puffs


· The vaporizer scratches easily after some time.

· The device is tricky to load and you will have to ensure the device is balanced with the mouthpiece.

pax 3 review

Pax 3 vaporizer review – Conclusion

PAX 3 is without a doubt a significant improvement from the former models. It heats faster and allows a person to enjoy flavored smoking comfortably. Make an informed decision to use PAX 3 and enjoy a tastier and more herbal concentrate smoking. You want to read more reviews about different ecigarette brands?

pax 3 vaporizer review

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FedEx is a shipping service, available in more than 220 countries all around the world. It receives and delivers packages, varying in weight and material. Most people regard it as a convenient source of having their items delivered while others have negative reviews of how the products are handled or delivered.


fedex planeThere are all sorts of reviews for their services, some are unable to get their package on time while others are unhappy about the package handling. Some are satisfied with the delivery while others complain about poor customer service.

According to reviews on ‘Consumer Affairs’, only two people gave it 5 stars out of 433.

The latest review from Detroit, on Oct 2016, states that, they were suppose to receive their package that day but when they inquired, they were told that it got misplaced. This clearly gives out a negative vibe and poor customer service.

Another customer, Vera from Houston, remarks that the customer service that she received was not pleasant at all and she was highly unsatisfied with their behavior.

One more consumer, Tasha, said that the shipment was due to come the next day and the package was said to be delivered but it never came.

Another customer was displeased with the attitude of the customer service at FedEx, and regarded the service agent as ‘rude and unprofessional’, from OT.

fedexAll in all it can be concluded that most people were negative due to the late delivery or no delivery at all! These are people from all around USA and their reviews are mostly recent. They complain that either the package was left outside or the package would be damaged or it would not be delivered at all.

The TrustPilot reviews had a total of 1156 reviews on FedEx services and they rated it 3.5 out of 10, with only 26% of people giving it 5 stars.

Here on one hand, people were satisfied with the quick service while others still complain about the time they take for delivery or at what time it will arrive and would sometimes damage the product.

A few customers like Satu Siimes and Annwyl Williams were satisfied because of its good customer service and praised its on time delivery, but the negative feedbacks were overwhelming and complained how they were not able to get their package in a good condition or how the customer service personnel didn’t answer back when the parcel was misplaced.

With all these mixed reviews, it is hard to conclude if this courier service is actually good or bad. Personally, I had my package delivered a bit late than the delivery date they mentioned, but the package arrived in perfect condition all the way from Pakistan.

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GreenGeeks Hosting Review

greengeeksA website is truly a valuable virtual property. You can take your business or organization to a whole new level if you harness the power of a website right away. A reliable hosting provider is also paramount when it comes to getting the most out of a website these days. GreenGeeks is the web hosting provider that we will talk about here. So read on to find out even more.

Strong Guarantee

greengeeks-logoGreenGeeks features a strong 30-day money-back guarantee that you will love right away. GreenGeeks also has free nightly backups and seamless WordPress integration. You can also drive unlimited traffic to your website and install an unlimited amount of databases. With thousands of websites hosted in its platform and amazing ratings, GreenGeeks is here to stay for a long time. GreenGeeks is flawless hosting service that you should try out right away. GreenGeeks`s customer service is truly a winner as the staff will go above and beyond to meet your needs at all times.

Fast Service


GreenGeeks also has a fast service, which is very important for any customer these days. If you want to save hundreds of dollars every month, GreenGeeks is for you. This hosting provider can migrate any amount of sites from one server to the other. If you need to add a vps server to your project, GreenGeeks could be the solution to your problem as well. GreenGeeks also features a wide array of software options that you can use in no time. If you are running a startup business, this cheap yet reliable web hosting provider could make your day. This service also has amazing security features.

– The cPanel is very easy to use, as it is truly intuitive at all times.
– You can get in touch with customer service whenever you need to, and they will go the extra mile to meet your needs in no time.
– You can even use a live chat to contact customer service representatives if you need to.
– The easy-to-use website builder is just what the doctor prescribed.

– You might have some issues using the website builder, as its learning curve might be steep.
– Customer service might take too long to reply.

As you can see, GreenGeeks can make your day when it comes to getting a reliable web hosting provider. GreenGeeks`s reliable cPanel and easy-to-use website builder will allow you to get the job done quickly and easily. If you have been looking for a fast service in the world of web hosting, GreenGeeks is for you.

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